Thursday, October 12, 2017

October challenge #1 Black &white.

Challenge #1 - Use a black and white photo (S) on a coloured background

One of St Tropez's famous residents was Bridget Bardot.

Most photos/films of her were in black and white.

Kelly created this layout about a new season in her life now that her son is off to college. She chose a simple photograph to convert to black-and-white so that it would stand out against the darker, vintage prints in the patterned papers. Read the full story on her blog.

Susanne was down to the Prima flowers and a few scraps in her kit.  Readily admitting scrapping with flowers is not her strong suit, she was determined not to return them to her stash.  She needed an mini-add-on.  So what goes with flowers?  Well doilies, of course.  The idea and execution for this layout took about 30 minutes, to the point of adding the flower clusters.  2 1/2 more hours and 3 photographs of the layout taken to check its design aesthetic later, here is her result.

Just in case you thought she failed to incorporate the seaside in this layout, those micro-beads around her flower cluster are a color combination called "seashore".

Lisa went through all her scanned vintage photos to find a black and white one that spoke to her - and believe me, many did! But somehow, she couldn't imagine using one for the papers and embellishments in her kit. So she went about it the other way and picked out some products from her kit first and then went off to find a photo that would work well in black and white with those items.

As strange as it may sound, Lisa picked out a beautifully sunny beach shot. But even in b&w, you can see that sunshine and all the papers bring out the warmth of that day.

Read more on her blog here

You can find some detail shots of this page, and find out which extra products have already found their way into her kit, on her blog here if you're interested.

Kate,our Guest designer has made this beautiful layout.
Definitely has a sea theme!

As always, if you're inspired to create a kit, a page, a project or in fact, anything at all, make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up. We want to see it! Or share on Instagram using @counterfeitkitchallenge or #counterfeitkitchallenge

Friday, October 6, 2017

October Mini Kit reveal

Love this months inspiration kit but not entirely sure if you can play along?
  • Maybe you're not sure if you have the time and energy to play along? 
  • Maybe you feel like you haven't got quite enough stash to make a full kit? 
  • Or maybe you're still working with the remnants of last month's inspiration kit and only need a small selection to work with? 

Whatever the reasons, we've been busy working on a new feature which we hope will help out when time, energy or stash are a little bit lacking! In addition to the main kit reveal on the 1st of the month, we'll also be creating our own smaller 'Mini Kit' versions of the inspiration kit, along with some ideas for using them up quickly!

Using our St Tropez kit this month our team have some wonderful ideas to share with you.

Master Forger Susanne was full of admiration for this month’s kit, but short on time and limited in access to her studio.  To shortcut her search for supplies, she started in her box of 12 x 12 paper odds and ends where she spotted 2 sheets of Crate Paper’s Oasis line that shared crucial similarities to the St. Tropez line – seaside motif with a muted color palette and a pretty floral companion page. She added a b-side of Amy Tan’s Oh Happy Life in washed out pink.  Then she quickly gathered what was close by – neutral cardstock and alphabet, metallic border strips, a page of printable labels, leftover planner stickers, buttons, stamped card from a wedding project and small sheets from a recent warehouse sale box.  To finish her kit, she chose a few Prima flowers leftover from an old kit.  See . . . pretty results can be pulled together quickly. 

She whipped out a quick two page travel layout for her Bermuda trip album, adding in another alphabet and some chipboard too.

Susan made a truly "mini" kit with just two papers and a handful of embellishments:

 She then made this page:

And, inspired by the leftovers, she made a bonus page:

You can get all the details on her blog post here.

Julene went out and bought the original kit , but added some extras in the pale green sea foam colour. This is almost a BIG mini kit :)

She used St Tropez to create this layout

and also made these tags

Leslie gathered what at first glance does not appear to be a  mini-kit, but actually only includes a Glitz Girls small paper pad, an assortment of Prima flowers, twine, metal charms with paint & metallic paste to age them, word stickers & stamps, a few October Afternoon embellishment sheets, and some gems. The leftovers will be used in a travelers notebook for this trip.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Forgery on the Fourth - October 2017

This month's inspiration: 
I am intrigued with the aged metal elements, the many scripty words, and the paper with patterned stripes - an easy forgery using washi tapes! Plus it's always fun to gather up your own stamp set each month.

Let's see what the Design Team has come up with this month:

Did you see the shells on Prima’s journal cards and ephemera?    
Susanne made her own journal cards, or perhaps these will be die-cuts if she trims them down.  When in Bermuda, she had taken photographs of pillows that were decorating her hotel bed.  She cropped the photo, trimmed them to squares and printed them on cardstock, instead of photo paper.  They now have the look of ephemera.  She could also add in text or perhaps layer little words strips to customize them even more.  Gorgeous!


Have you looked at your photos for ideas like this?  Travel posters or other framed artwork is often a good source.

Kelly realized she did not have any of the fancy flowers like the ones found in the inspiration kit. So she took plain flowers and enamel dots from her stash and made her own! Details are on her blog.

And you can also visit Leslie's CKC Pinterest board for some perfect free printables!

And these look interesting too! See what Lisa tracked down online:

Monday, October 2, 2017

Just The Gist Of The Kit–October 2017

This month master forger Julene, who loves, loves, loves to travel, picked out the St. Tropez line from Prima as our inspiration kit.

St-Tropez, is an old, old seaside town in France, acquiring its name in AD 68 from a Roman officer named Torpes who met an end too unpleasant to relate here, but which led the villagers of St. Tropez to adopt him as their patron saint. (Yes, it is a new month, but Susanne is still enamored with history lessons on Wikipedia.)

For centuries St. Tropez remained a peaceful little fishing village, attracting painters like the pointillist Paul Signac. That changed dramatically in 1956 when And God Created Woman (Et Dieu Créa la Femme) was shot there starring Brigitte Bardot. Needless to say, that catapulted the pretty little town on the French Riviera into the international limelight.

And with that bit of background on the namesake of this collection, let’s try to get at the gist of this kit.

1.  It is by Prima.  Enough said . . . well almost.  Feminine, floral, Prima.

2.  Saint Tropez is old world French. It has a weathered time worn look.  Everything is softened, nothing is harsh. Even a graphic map looks faded by the ages. I think the aged look ties perfectly into fall.

3.  It is at and of the seaside – the colors are those found at the beach. They are of sand and water, with bits of pink, lilac and black reminiscent of twilight on the tides.

4.  Like the pointillism style of painting, these papers have wonderful details in their illustrations and patterns. As you look closer and closer, you will find it is the details that make up the whole.  Look closely for even more to be inspired by.  Which of those details speak to you this month.

You can take this collections in several directions – focusing on the seaside or focusing on the feminine florals.  Your kit too can be a blend of the two – inspired by the softer side of the seaside.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Counterfeit Kit Reveal

I have chosen the St Tropez collection from Prima as this month's Counterfeit Kit idea.

Papers - 651  668  682  705

Prima Marketing Frank Garcia St Tropez Ephemera Pack 992798

Prima flowers are always the highlight of any new collection! St. Tropez is no exception. You can choose from eight unique flower packs to create the look that you want. Nobody will judge if you choose all eight!! #sea #ocean #frankgarcia #primaflowers

It has a French seaside sunshine & summery vibe with a touch of shabby chic florals.
There are coppery tones plus blues in all shades (probably why I chose it).
There a lots of gorgeous flowers you can add into the mix too.

St. Tropez looks like FUN in the summer sun! Get a jump start on your summer projects with this beauty of a new collection!

It lends itself to mixed media items if that is your style.

I've created a board on my Pinterest account which can be found here:

This might inspire you when collating your kit or using it.

A warm welcome to Kate Blue this month who is our Guest DT.

Here's her blog

Hi everybody, I'm excited to be here as October's Guest Designer!

A little bit about me:  I'm Kate and I'm a former military veteran and military brat who has lived for the last 25 years in a little town in Maryland not too far from our nation's capital.  I'm the mom of two amazing kids who you see all the time in my scrapbooking!  I was introduced to this wonderful hobby  about 10 years ago to relieve stress and I truly can't live without it!    As each year passes, I'm even more inspired to scrap/craft knowing that I'm leaving all these memories of our life to both children and their children to come.  My eclectic style has never been narrowed down specifically but I am a huge believer in mixing patterns and bold colors and I'm also a HUGE fan of kits!  I've been a follower of the Counterfeit Kit blog since 2011; I love mixing old and new stash and their DT always reminds me of things I should be using instead of hoarding my large stash of supplies!

Now let's see how our Master Forgers have interpreted it.

If you get lost along the way, come back to here.

Enjoy your kit this month.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Scribbles From My Scrap Studio – September 2017


Memorabilia – big word, big challenge.

It was the Project Life craze that started me on saving a much greater amount of “stuff” than I did previously.  I came from a family of six children, so by necessity, my Mom didn’t save every piece of our school artwork.  In fact, with many kids and a tight budget, she could not always purchase the annual school photos.  From my school days, I only have my grade school prayer book, three school photos (kindergarten, sixth grade, high school senior), and a single report card.


With only 2 children of my own, and scrapbooking as my “excuse” to hold onto stuff, I ended up with boxes of memorabilia stacked up in closets – and a few too many boxes to fit inside the closet as you see here.  It has been my dread of sorting through and narrowing them down, rather than sentimentality, that perpetuated my hoarding. This summer I have started tackling it, pared the volume down by 50%, and hope to do an additional 25%.  Let me share notes from the process – not just for school mementos but other things as well.

  • First of all, DO save all school portraits and all baby/toddler studio photo shoots too – both in the large size and a wallet or two (but no more).  I have an album for each of my kids containing these “official” portrait layouts.  The wallets would make a nice keepsake album for a grandparent and would cut down on their clutter.  Sure, you’ve sent them those photos over the years;  but if they aren’t putting them in photo albums of their own, how much nicer would  small albums covering long time spans be instead. I know because I have gotten many loose photos back in the past two years when the older generation had to downsize.

  • Look for ways that your children might have similar items.  If they went to the same schools with some of the same teachers, they may have had the same assignments.  Here are two of my children's art assignments based on the Fibonacci match sequence.  I like having layouts for their artwork, more so because they both did this.


  • There are many ways in which my kids are different, so I picked a sampling of my children's other assignments – that showcase a particular talent – like whiz test papers in math, or poems they wrote.  Something showing their printing as well as their cursive handwriting. Papers are especially nice when the teacher has written more than the ubiquitous “good work” comment.  That is also the rule I apply to report cards, pick 1 or 2 that are especially nice in performance or commentary and forgo the rest.

  • For oversized artwork and science project display boards, just take photographs of them.



    In one case where my son won the school science fair competition there is a layout with other photos.  Otherwise, all school stuff, not on layouts or pocket pages in their albums, have been limited to 12 x 12 large pocket project life protectors, one each for grade school and high school/college. Here is a shot before they’ve been through a final purge.

  • Moving on – what about vacation travels.  It is easy to “stuff” your purse or tote, transfer to your suitcase, haul home and toss into a box, much too much stuff.  When I eventually scrap trip photos, time and again I found that most of what I accumulated no longer held my interest.  Guide books, attraction brochures and those slick tourist magazines highlighting what is available at that vacation spot often end up in the round file or recycle pile.  The notion I would cut items out for my pages, rarely happened.  Maps, unless I am planning on going back relatively soon, or a handy mini map in a brochure, are no longer saved.  If I plan on a return trip, it will be worth getting an updated map.  Sometimes it is fun to lay all the memorabilia out, snap a photo of it, and happily toss the entire space-sucking lot. In fact, my approach to everyday memorabilia increasingly is to take a photo of it, preferably while someone is holding, wearing or otherwise using it.

  • When I have gotten behind on scrapping vacation spots we visited more than once, I purposely scrapped one trip right after another.  That way it is easy to include a few items for each trip, have more interesting variety or even repeat similar items from different trips for a sense of continuity.

  • One major exception to my new memorabilia frugality:  I am an avid fan of postcards or notecards.  Yes, I took a photo of that famous building, but it would no doubt, have lots of random unrelated people obscuring part of the view.  So I will buy a postcard or two, and include them in the scrapbook.  Here are two examples:  in the first I have actually attached the postcards to layout, as the information on the back was not important to me (photo corners decorative, not functional).


    On the second example, I originally thought I would frame these oversized postcards, so I have used photo corners that allow me to withdraw the postcards later if I prefer.  Now you are thinking: really S?  How likely is that, S?


Quite likely, actually!  In fact, here are some framed mini notecards of Rachel’s Garden at the Hermitage – one of many historic mansions that hubby and I enjoyed visiting.  This has been hanging in my home for years.

I hope you found a tidbit of info here that will inspire you to deal with your memorabilia. Let me end with this

Two last pieces of advice:  do it sooner rather than later, and if your kids are young, develop a plan now!

Monday, September 18, 2017

September Challenge #2: Lessons Learnt or Learned

Taking our inspiration from the 'School House' Washi included in the Lost River Scrapbook Kit - and, of course - from the start of a new term, create a layout which documents a lesson learnt/learned.

Your lesson may have been learnt at school, or the university of life, or from nature (we are celebrating the outdoors, after all!) Whatever the source of the wisdom, remember to share it with us!

Shall we see what wisdom our Guest Designer, Jess-Claire and Master Forger, Susan, have to share?

Jess-Claire says "This is my favourite layout this month.  I printed my photos in a grid and added large black alphas to the photo itself.  I added a layer of tissue paper (my fave!) behind my photos and minimal embellishments. Well minimal for me. I added some sequins and I decided to type my journaling just because it made it easier to get my thoughts down without taking up too much room."

You can see Jess-Claire's Process Video on her YouTube Channel here:

Susan made a traveler's notebook to impart some life lessons.

You can get the details and see more pages on her blog here.

As always, we would love to see your take on this month's kit and anything that you make using it, so make sure to include them in our Monthly Link Up.